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12V charger care instructions
Mar 27, 2018

1. Insert the battery box plug first when charging, then plug in the socket. When the charging is completed, the outlet plug is first pulled out and the battery box plug is pulled out.


The 2 and 12V chargers are forbidden to be used in direct sunlight, over heat sources or under heat radiation.


3. When the charger is working, it is forbidden to cover on the shell, otherwise the charger will be burned out and the charger will work in a well-ventilated environment.


There should be no flammable materials such as waste paper, cloth, plastic bags, etc. around the 4 and 12V chargers, so as not to be inhaled by the charger's fan, or to cover the charger and dangerous.


5, the charger should avoid carrying the car. (Users who must be carried with them when they need to be charged should pack the charger with soft materials to reduce the vibration and impact of the use of the charger.)


The 6-12V charger must not be used or stored in a wet environment. There is an electric shock risk due to the wet charger.


7. There is high voltage in the charger, please do not open the shell without authorization! Avoid using it in public places and places easily accessible to children.


8. If the power cord is damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturer or professional to avoid danger.


9,12V charger outside the power cord do not twist, especially in winter, long time to break, the line damage is replaced in time to avoid electric shock. Line damage is more common.


10. Dust removal is also important. Before the summer every year, the dust inside the charger must be completely removed to avoid affecting heat dissipation.

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