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A good quality mobile phone data line can give you unexpected surprises
Apr 26, 2018

    After meeting with the students for a few drinks, some people proposed to play the red envelope game and immediately got the approval of everyone. Wow, their cell phone screen is big! His own is also 5 inches, and more than ten minutes and slowly found out that several people took out the charging treasure to power the mobile phone. After some battles, their mobile phones were almost dead. Remember that there are several mobile phone data cables in the bag. It's a pity that I didn't have a charging treasure. Say: Xiao Zhang, please use me to charge it. Hey: No! My charge is only 10%. No, it's not so slow. Remember that you can charge 50% of your charge in just ten minutes at home. Xiao Zhang: Come on, take a look at my mobile phone data cable. We played while drinking, about five or six minutes, Xiao Zhang shouted: So fast! All thought he did not grab the red envelope. No, ah, big brother, your mobile phone data line is charging too fast, 40%. They all said almost at the same time: Impossible! Xiao Zhang: Give it to someone who has no electricity. Take it.

After the party, all the students asked me where did this mobile data line be bought? I said: I have a friend who works at schitec, and by the way, I need to ask him a few. You can search for "schitec" on the Internet to find out about the company's other varieties of mobile data lines. Anyway, there are a variety of things. Listen to me. After that, one of the students opened the phone and searched for the schitec. After entering the website, I learned a bit about how the charging speed of the data cable on the website was related to the size of the copper wire.

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