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A small change can make the phone data line to increase the charging speed
Apr 18, 2018

The reason that OPPO launches the R9 mobile phone is so fierce, it can not be separated from its big selling point: charging 5 minutes to talk for 2 hours, which means that it is very fast charging, in line with consumer demand. Why can you charge so fast? In fact, it is done in the charger and the original data line of the mobile phone, which makes the charging speed greatly improved. Today, Xiaobian teach you a method, it can also increase the charging speed.

First of all, first understand the principle of the work of mobile phone data lines: usually USB 1.1 / 2.0 connection interface consists of four pins, of which the most edge of the red and black end of the line is positive and negative, they are responsible for external USB devices, The data line of the mobile phone is used to charge the battery by taking power from the computer. In the middle of the interface of the USB cable, there are two D+ green lines and D-white lines, which are responsible for transmitting data files.

Cellphone data line

The following tools are prepared: mobile data cable, scissors, wire strippers, soldering iron, insulating tape

First, get an ordinary mobile phone data line, the length is as short as possible, as far as possible within 0.5 meters. Because the longer the cable, the greater the impedance, the more loss, will affect the charging efficiency of the phone. If you can't find such a short cell phone data cable, you can cut off some of the cables in the later steps.

Second, in the distance from the end of the mobile phone data cable 5cm, cut a short section with scissors, be careful not to use too much force, just cut the cable skin can be. So you can see the four red, green, white and black cables. Then strip the skin of the green and white lines with a wire stripper to expose the copper wire inside.

Thirdly, the copper wires exposed from the green and white wires are soldered together using a soldering iron to form a short circuit. Wrap the joint with an insulating tape. Then use the insulating tape to wrap the outermost layer of the mobile phone data cable once. This will not only protect the cable, but also will be more durable and beautiful.

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