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About the various data lines of mobile phone
Apr 14, 2018

Presumably we will change several mobile phone data lines every year. I think a lot of people will be bigger than one. The data lines used by many manufacturers are just good, but over time, there will be poor contact, broken connectors, and so on. We only need to spend a few dollars to buy one, but this quality is still very annoying to the user. It's very hard!

At the same time, the mobile phone data lines produced by major manufacturers are also different, reflected in the length of the data lines, the shape of the line and other aspects, and some long and short, can not meet everyone's needs. Some data lines are round and flat. Some people like round ones. They do not like flat ones. On the contrary, some people like flat ones, but they do not like round ones.

Some mobile phone data line interface problems, work is also to make users more worried, do not know if you have ever encountered the phone data cable directly plugged into the USB jack, it is difficult to pull down the case, Xiao Bian hit at least three times The situation, these are users can not tolerate ah.

Finally, many mobile phones of this year may adopt the design of Type-C interface. The data line will also be redesigned. It is also hoped that major manufacturers can pay attention to the quality of mobile data lines. After all, the details determine the success or failure. Presumably many data line manufacturers will understandable.

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