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Android phone data line specifications
Apr 11, 2018

What are the specifications of the general standard Android phone data cable? In fact, the specifications of mobile phone data lines bought on the market are not uniform, some currents are large, some currents are small, there are different lengths, and so on. These are all caused by mobile phone brands. All of these mobile phone wirings are schitec electronic. You can customize them. Let's take a look at the specifications of Android phone data cables produced by schitec:

Product Name: Android phone data cable

Applicable models: Android mobile phones, computer electronic digital products around the connection wire

Function: Charging cable, data transmission, connection cable, adapter cable

  Core: Tin-plated copper wire core, transmission at a high speed, we carry out tin-plating process for each pure copper wire core, truly anti-oxidation, low impedance, faster transmission, more stable performance

Material: PVC material, flexible touch, corrosion resistance

Interface: USB male interface / MICRO interface

Length: 1.0M (customizable on request)

Performance: Avant-garde design, injection molding process, excellent quality, nearly 3,000 swing tests, durable, long life.

Color: black, white, red, blue, purple

Specifications: According to the customer's drawings or information can be selected specifications OK

 Packaging: According to customer requirements

 Features: Small size, easy to carry with you

 Product highlights: standard design, sound engineering, complete process, high efficiency, 100% quality excellence.

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