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Apple Data Line Tester Usage Notes
Apr 10, 2018

The mobile phone has become the most popular electronic product, especially Apple's mobile phone, it can be said to be a household name, its accessories Apple data line is also a large number of large data cable manufacturers have successively produced, but it also has precautions to use, the following together to see:

be careful:

1. The instrument only tests the apple data cable. Users may have different results due to different parameter settings during use. For example, if the heavy load voltage is greater than 4.5V, if the heavy load voltage is 4.4V, it will be judged as unqualified. , but the charger may be used normally on a real machine.

2. Due to wire distribution parameters, impedance and other factors, causing the Apple data line to use slower communication speed when it is used in the real machine, or completely unable to communicate, this instrument does not simulate the real machine data communication test (estimate that no instrument can do This point), so this problem cannot be detected.

Apple Data Line Tester

3. The instrument only performs partial protocol verification on the built-in chip of the charger/data cable. This is because there are many solutions for the cottage chip. Each protocol and serial number is not the same and cannot be fully verified. Therefore, the instrument is not suitable for R&D. Use, only suitable for the factory to detect the chip in the welding process caused by the open circuit, short circuit and other physical problems, the chip within the program is generally verified at the chip factory.

4. The charger/data cable passed through the test may also be used improperly due to the harsh environment of use, for example, some chips cannot work at low temperatures. In summary, this instrument cannot completely replace the real machine test. In order to improve the test efficiency, we believe that the characteristics of the charger/data line of the same batch of material are the same. It is recommended that the instrument be used as a basic test, and then the real machine should be sampled.

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