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Can connect two monitors! USB-C adapter Satchi r came
Apr 02, 2018

In recent years, many new notebooks have begun to use the USB-C interface, this new interface is rapidly replacing the laptop interface, especially the Macbook series, even in the latest MacbookPro, its body has only four interfaces Using USB-C, the ultimate slimness.

Can connect two monitors! USB-C adapter Satchi r came

Although the rapid popularization of the USB-C interface has many advantages, it also limits the expansion of external devices. After all, the USB interface is not widely used in many other devices. Therefore, the adapter has become the choice of many users. Adapters intelligently connect to an HDMI display. The supported devices are limited. However, if the user needs to connect two monitors at a time and work at the same time, they must pay an extra $2,000 to purchase a high-end adapter.

Can connect two monitors! USB-C adapter Satchi r came

Recently, accessory manufacturers introduced a new USB-C adapter Satchir, which not only has a compact body, but also provides users with a HDMI interface, a mini-DP interface, a Gigabit Ethernet port, 3 USB3. 0 interface, and a Type-A interface, and also supports SD card reading.

From the interface configuration, you can see that Satchir uses HDMI and mini-DP interface output, which can support the connection of two monitors at the same time, with a resolution of 4K@30Hz.

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