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Car Charger Purchase
Sep 26, 2017

1. Be aware of the output voltage of your car's cigarette burner. The car output voltage is 12V, the truck is 24V, the general general-purpose Car Charger (12V) most applies to the sedan, if the other models need to choose the corresponding voltage standards.

2. To understand the car Charger automatic protection function. Car Charger Whether there is pressure, over-current, overheating, and short-circuit protection, and other functions, the best shell is the use of ABS flame-retardant environmental protection materials, both to prevent the external combustion and beautiful, hand touch does not leave fingerprints.

3. Pay attention to the voltage and current size. When purchasing car charger, pay attention to the voltage and current size of equipment, such as the iphone is 5v/1a, tablet computers, mobile power supply is mostly 5v/2a.

4. Know what the total current of the charger is purchased. General regular products will be on the charger to indicate the output current is how much a, if the charger has been purchased to charge the mobile phone + tablet computer is not only slow and heat, that is not the current standard.

5. Choose a reliable brand. Reliable brand quality is guaranteed, use up also rest assured that this truth is not enough to say.

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