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Charger heating factor
Oct 08, 2018

   It is normal for the charger to heat up when it is charging, but if it is hot, pay attention to whether the product quality is a problem. The original charger does not rule out possible malfunctions. In addition, when charging, pay attention to whether the power of the charger is matched with the mobile phone. So what are the factors that cause the charger to heat up?

   1. In life, if the charger is not placed in a ventilated place to dissipate heat, or the charging time is too long, the internal electronic components are in standby for a long time, and they will also heat up. Therefore, the charger plug will definitely be hot for a long time. Otherwise, your charger is not compatible with the appliance.

The volume of the charger is also one of the key factors for heating. In order to facilitate carrying, people often like the smaller charger, and the research and development direction of the manufacturer is also developing towards small and fine. However, the volume becomes smaller, the heat dissipation performance is deteriorated, and the requirements for electronic components are also higher. In terms of capacitors, high-voltage capacitors are getting smaller and smaller in size while maintaining the same capacity, and they are better in terms of withstand voltage and temperature. However, insufficient voltage will break down the capacitor, and the temperature will not burst enough. Open the capacitor.

   2. Again, with the popularity of smart phones, chargers are now getting higher and higher. The chargers of the 500ma in the functional machine era can no longer meet the user's demand for charging speed. The fast charging that we mentioned earlier is actually History is inevitable, so we see that the current common charger current is above 2A. Such a charger is also very fragile when charging.

   The factor of the charger's fever is probably this. In addition, the high temperature of the charger has a great relationship with the switch tube of the charger. If the specification of the switch tube is not high, the current will pass and the heat will be more.

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