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Charging your phone while charging your car, your car charger is not qualified
Mar 31, 2018

Most people now rely on mobile phones, and always prefer to hold a mobile phone wherever they are. Whenever the battery power is below 50% and happens to need to go out again at this time, the heart is awkward. While using the car while driving, use the original USB port to charge the mobile phone. After reaching the destination, unplug the data cable. The mobile phone prompts “Not enough power”. I believe everyone is desperate. It does not matter, a good car charger can solve this problem.

Do not unplug the car charger when not charging.

 Now most of the new cars have been equipped with the original USB interface, but the charging speed is basically the same as the speed of the USB interface on the computer, charging mobile phones is still barely able to cope with, if you charge iPad, tablet, such as the power equipment appears Powerless. The selection of on-board chargers is also learned. There are many qualified chargers. The most important one is the circuit overload protection, because in the event of a short circuit, it can immediately cut off the power to prevent damage to the charging equipment and power supply. . In order to save costs, some small plants simply include “insurance” when they produce car chargers. At the same time, some unqualified vehicle chargers cannot achieve stable voltage and stable flow and cause fluctuations. It is very easy to cause serious fever in charging equipment and chargers, and it has a certain impact on mobile phones and security.

Car charger charge and power down test.

 The car charger looks like an obscure object. There are actually many places that need our attention. Choosing a suitable car charger can significantly increase the charging speed of mobile phones, and it will not happen when charging and powering down. Remember to buy products that are sold by regular manufacturers. Otherwise, there is no way to complain about quality problems. It is too late for regret.

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