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Cleaning the data line small method
May 09, 2018

    Because it often charges the phone, it is used very frequently. Therefore, the data lines that we bought back are very easy to dirty, especially the data lines of PVC material and the data lines of TPE materials. The black ones are not so obvious, and the white ones are very obvious. Some people may be indifferent. Dirty does not affect use. However, if you use a data cable that is dirty, how can you handle it? The data cable manufacturer tells you to clean the data cable and teach you how to clean the data cable.

What to do if the data cable gets dirty, the data cable manufacturer tells you how to clean the data cable

1, laundry soap: Come back and cut a small piece of melted with warm water, and then use a small amount of cotton cloth to wipe the ear line and data lines, and then dry with a dry towel. (Of course, detergent, shower gel, etc. can be, not one by one example, the interface can not be cleaned Oh)

2. Toothpaste: Extrude a bit of toothpaste and mix a small amount of water, then use a cotton cloth to take a small amount of wipe, and finally dry it with a dry towel. (this wash is still a little fragrance, the interface can not be cleaned)

3, alcohol: use cotton to drop alcohol, wipe along the ear line and data line, and finally dry naturally. (This can clean the interface. Disadvantage: Alcohol tends to age the wire, but it doesn't affect it much.)

4, white vinegar: with cotton dripping with white vinegar, wipe along the ear line and data line, this taste is a bit heavy, and finally wipe the water with cotton to taste. (It is best not to wash the interface)

5, eraser: This will not explain more, the effect is not bad.

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