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Combo data line really so cattle?
Apr 24, 2018

What are you most afraid of now? Forgot to bring an ID card, and no wallet. Yes, this is a matter of the past, I am afraid that the most feared now is that the mobile phone has no electricity, and did not dare to go out with a charging treasure. But now another problem has emerged, that is, more types of mobile phones, a variety of interfaces, Apple Lightning interface, Android interface, Type C interface, think about whether it feels like a door with how many data lines What?

In fact, in addition to an ordinary interface data cable on the market, there is a magical data line called a two-in-one data line, you can combine two interfaces, such as Android Apple Universal Data Line, the mother no longer have to worry about me Wrong data line!

Two in one data line

So, what's the point of these two-in-one data lines?

One and two-in-one data line types

The two-in-one data cable, as its name suggests, combines two different interfaces into one, and can use the same data cable to charge two kinds of digital devices with different interfaces, without having to consider one more line. But the two-in-one data line is also different.

Second, the interface is different

Why is there a 2-in-1 data cable? From the data line interface, there are three kinds of common data line interfaces on the market, Apple's lightning interface, Android's most common micro interface, and the type-c interface that has emerged in recent years. The advantages and disadvantages of these interfaces are as follows: For the time being, the table is not displayed, but if the interface is different, the data line cannot be shared. So the two-in-one data line appeared.

Why do we need to buy two-in-one data lines, one sentence: convenient. But in any case, convenience should always be based on security, and the quality must be guaranteed.

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