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Correct use of iPhone data line charging tips
May 25, 2018

How to properly charge Apple's mobile phone, use iPhone data line to charge correctly

  1. Many people think that charging a new Apple phone for the first time must be full for 24 hours. In fact, this method is applicable to nickel-metal hydride batteries. We are now using the same lithium-ion battery for the Apple mobile phone. It takes only 2-3 hours to use the iPhone data cable to charge the lithium-ion battery of the Apple mobile phone. You can use the iPhone data cable to charge the Apple mobile phone at any time. As long as the battery is fully charged, you can charge it for a while and fully activate the battery.

2. We can use the iPhone data cable to charge the Apple mobile phone at any time. The lithium battery does not need to be completely discharged. Charging with the iPhone data cable at any time does not hurt the iPhone. Some people still think that the mobile phone battery must be drained to use the iPhone data cable to charge the mobile phone. In fact, this is not good. This method is only applicable to previous mobile phones. The previous mobile phone uses a nickel-metal hydride battery that requires full discharge and charging. Reaching the battery's charge cycle, instead of using the iPhone data cable to charge Apple's mobile phone, there is no need to, because long-term full discharge will cause damage to the lithium battery of Apple's mobile phone, and reduce the service life.

3. When charging the iPhone with the iPhone data cable, do not wait for the battery to run out of charge. The charge is 100% for each charge. This is the best time to unplug the iPhone data cable. Mobile phones are over-charged and have stopped charging after they are fully charged. Even if you do not unplug the iPhone data cable, the next time is the battery consumption process, so there is no need to overcharge.

4. When your iPhone's battery is too low, you should immediately use the iPhone data cable to charge the phone, end the game, call, etc. This helps maintain the battery life.

5, charging the iPhone data line also have to buy those who are better quality, because the poor quality of the iPhone data line will also cause harm to the phone and battery, poor low-end iPhone data line is not only slow charging, and it is easy to bad. So we try to buy iPhone data line in the formal channels, it is best to buy factory direct.

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