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Correctly maintain the data line
May 15, 2018

    The data lines we use must be maintained and maintained frequently. Otherwise, the service life of data lines will be reduced. Just like people have to rest, if they don't rest for a long time, their bodies will soon be unbearable. So how to maintain the data line?

1.understand the specific use of data lines and methods before use. Is the so-called "know yourself, knowing yourself, can only be victorious." Familiar with the use of data lines and procedures, it will not damage the data line due to improper use of data lines;

2.When inserting the interface, note the correctness and correspondence of the pins. The data line has two interfaces, one is to connect the computer, the other is to connect the mobile phone, and the pins of the interface are different, and the pins are relatively thin, it is easy to break, and must be carefully inserted when inserting the interface, otherwise the pins As soon as the data line becomes useless,

3.moisture and dust. The data line ports have tiny pins and are metal products that are easily oxidized by water and dust. Improper maintenance will make it easy for water and dust to invade into the cable, which will cause the data cable to not work properly, and the download speed will naturally be slow.

4.try not to let the data line curl. Many users like to curl the data line after using it. This is actually wrong. The data cable is made of plastic and aluminum foil shielding layer, which can not stand the long song song. The long curved song will cause the outer plastic layer of the data cable or the internal aluminum foil shielding layer to be damaged, which will reduce the service life of the data cable.

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