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Data line = charging line, charging line, data line, what is the reason?
Apr 10, 2018

Many times we bought a data cable at a low price and found that it can only be charged and cannot transfer data. Therefore, picking a reliable data line can both charge and transmit data; if you purchase a “data line” that does not fly, you can only charge and cannot transmit data. What's going on here?

The reason is that the data line is mainly composed of the grounding line (connecting the zero line, connecting the black line), reading the data line (signal exiting line, connecting the green line), writing the data line (the signal entering the line, connecting the white line), and the +5V line (the power source is positive , according to the red wire) four lines constitute; charging line in order to save costs, will save the middle of the two lines, which eliminates the need to read data lines and write data lines, that is, no data literacy, only Mobile phone charging function.

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