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Data line maintenance method
Apr 27, 2018

 First, when the data is inserted and removed, it is necessary to hold down the head instead of directly pulling it out. This is the habit of many people, because the recognition of the importance of the data line is not enough, so when the plug is inserted, it is a direct pull line, resulting in internal fracture, thereby reducing its service life. Folding or bending the data cable near the plug at the same time will also reduce its service life.

Second, you cannot place the data cable in a dusty, damp place. This easily leads to the data line being oxidized, resulting in poor contact.

      Third, it is also easy to break the data line if it is improperly connected. It is understood that forty percent of the people who find data lines have problems will find a blanket cloth bag. However, they do not know if they are connected, which may lead to a short circuit or an open circuit. Naturally, they cannot work properly.

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