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Do you know the disadvantages of type-c?
May 04, 2018

   The type-c data line is slowly entering our lives. Now the new smart phones will basically use the fast-charging data cable of the type-c interface. The type-c data cable has the advantages of fast charging, fast data transmission, and undifferentiated data. Anti-double-sided plug and other advantages. Type-c interface fast charge data line functions are so powerful, but you know the type-c drawbacks?

    What are the powerful features of type-c?

    The fast-charging data cable of the type-c interface is commonly used in the latest smartphones in the past two years. Also called USB-C, the full name is the USB3.1 type-c interface fast charging data cable. The type-c data cable has a faster and stronger charging speed (100W) and data transmission speed (10Gbps). It can be double-sidedly plugged or unplugged on both positive and negative sides, and it can also transmit on both sides. With so many powerful functional blessings, it quickly gained the favor of many tech giants, such as Huawei's type-c interface fast charging data cable for many mobile phones. Although the full popularity of type-c data lines will take some time, it is expected to become the only standard USB type-c interface for all data line products in the future.

    What are the disadvantages of type-c interface data lines?

    Although the type-c data line features and benefits have been advertised as beautiful, the type-c data line is not compatible with existing Android micro USB devices. Because the current mainstream data line is still based on micro USB, most mobile phones or digital devices still use the micro USB interface data cable. If your phone jack is a type-c interface, then your phone is dead, you can't find this data without a data cable, because many of the data cables around you are used, Android micro USB data lines, etc., will also be affected if there is an emergency.

     There is also a security issue that is also a weakness of existing type-c data lines. Due to the openness and flexibility of the type-c interface, it will be more vulnerable to a wide range of attacks, especially in the face of BadUSB vulnerability, hackers can avoid the data reading area, the malicious code on the USB device controller Firmware storage area. The malicious code had infected the electronic device before it was discovered. Moreover, electronic devices infected with BadUSB malicious code through the USB type-c interface are difficult to remove through ordinary antivirus devices and formatting. This is a terrible drawback of USB type-c interface data lines. As the saying goes, there are advantages and disadvantages. I believe that with the advancement of science and technology, this drawback will be resolved.

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