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Does fast charging damage the battery and affecting the service life of the mobile phone
Mar 31, 2018

    Yes, but the magnitude of the impact is unimaginable, and it is not worthwhile for everyone to deliberately avoid the fast charge to protect the battery. The mobile phone lithium battery itself is a consumable product. After a cycle of several hundred times, it will have a large attenuation, that is to say, regardless of whether the fast charging, the mobile phone will obviously use the battery after two or three years. In addition, the mobile phone has a complete power management program inside. The fast charging process does not maintain high-power charging throughout the entire process. There are ups and downs, and the damage will be minimized. There are also concerns that children's shoes can think so, fast charging in the phone's entire life cycle for you to save hundreds of hours charging time, and bring the user experience, is it still can not match the price of a cell phone or replace the battery Cost? Moreover, with the smart phone replacement speed, the battery may not wait until the day when there is significant attenuation, the phone has been eliminated by you.

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