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Electronic connection wire inspection standard
Apr 27, 2018

 First, the quality requirements of electronic connection wire products:

1. Dimensional accuracy

The dimensional accuracy requirements for electronically connected wires include two aspects, namely the tolerances of the cross-sectional dimensions and the conformity of the wires along the length. The national standard (GB/T14981) has detailed regulations.

2. Surface quality

The surface quality includes three aspects, namely the surface condition of the wire, the depth of the decarburization layer, and the number and shape of the scale of the scale.

The surface of the general electronic connection wire should not have defects such as scabs, folds, cracks, scratches, etc., and surface defects should be minimized during production, and surface defects should be prevented during heating and rolling.

3. Internal organization and performance

The structure and properties of electronically connected wires mainly refer to the metallurgical structure, grain size, and various mechanical properties of wire rods, ie, tensile strength, yield strength, area shrinkage and elongation, and the like. Uniformity on the length.

4. The appearance of the coil is good

The appearance of the coil must be neat and well packed.

Second, the main technical standards for electronic connection wire products

 1.GB/T14981 hot rolled wire rod size, shape, weight and allowable deviation

This standard specifies the size, shape, weight and allowable deviation of hot-rolled wire rods.

This standard applies to all types of steel disc diameter 5.5 ~ 30 mm.

The dimensional deviations of this standard include tolerances and out-of-roundness, which are divided into A, B, and C levels of accuracy. Such as Φ6.5 wire rod, its allowable deviation points: A level: ± 0.40, B level: ± 0.30, C level: ± 0.15; out of roundness is divided into: A level ≤ 0.50, B level ≤ 0.40, C level ≤ 0.24 . Judgment can only be made when the allowable deviation and out-of-roundness conform to the corresponding levels. The accuracy level of the wire rod should be specified in the contract, and those not stated shall be performed according to the accuracy of Class A.

 The minimum distance from the end of the test site to the end of the coil shall meet the requirements of this standard. For products larger than 6.5 to 12.5 mm in size, the minimum distance from the end of the test section to the end of the coil shall be 4 m. 2. General requirements for acceptance, packaging, marking and quality certification of GB/T2101 steel (1). Re-inspection rules If any test result does not meet the standard requirements for any inspection, then double the number of samples shall be taken from the same batch. Conduct retests of this non-conforming item (except white spots). The result of the retest (including any indicator required for the test), even if one indicator fails, the entire batch may not be delivered.

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