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Encrypted Authentication TYPE C Data Line
Apr 24, 2018

What is the hottest interface in recent years? Non-TYPE C interface is a must, all major brands of mobile phone operators have adopted this interface, which also makes a large number of data line factory production TYPE C data lines, the market also has a wide range of TYPE C data lines to buy, if you casually Buy one, it is likely to buy the cottage data line. How to identify true and false? We all know that the Apple data line is encrypted authentication to identify the true and false, in fact, TYPE C data line also has encrypted authentication, the recent non-profit organization USB developer forum announced the TYPE C certification specification, the software agreement can be built for TYPE C products A security line is in place to ensure that no damage is caused to the product when using a non-compliant USB-C cable for charging.

The USB Type C certification specification shows that the USB-IF will establish an internal certificate communication verification mechanism for each type-compliant TYPE C cable, charger, and device. The certificate uses 128-bit encryption to prevent cracking. When it is used, the device will verify the digital certificate in the TYPE C data cable and determine whether it meets the relevant technology and safety standards by confirming the power supply and other related information. If the verification fails, it means that the TYPE C data cable cannot be in the device. Used on.

Although adding hardware encryption verification will increase the cost of designing and manufacturing TYPE C data lines, the TYPE C data line currently available in the market can be said to be weak and vulnerable to user equipment. Therefore, from a long-term perspective, only this safer.

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