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Extended micro USB data cable charging slow Why does anyone like it?
May 08, 2018

   The Android data lines we use are generally 1 meter long, because a 1 meter long data cable can basically meet our mobile phone charging needs. However, many people are not satisfied with the 1-meter data line. More people like to use longer data lines. However, the data line will increase the charging speed will be very slow, even if this does not affect our love for extended data lines, which is why?

    We should all know that we charge the phone, and the more common one is the micro USB Android data cable. One meter long current can pass 2A. The charging and data transmission speed is enough for the daily charging of our mobile phone. As smart phones develop faster and faster, and functions and playability become more and more abundant, our lives become more and more inseparable from mobile phones because we can learn more news stories, watch movies, and listen to songs through mobile phones. Playing games has enriched our lives, so many people are more willing to play mobile phones in bed at home, so the 1 meter data line is not enough. What should I do? Of course it is more convenient to buy an extended data cable.

    Extended micro USB Android data cable Why charge slowly

    All things are pros and cons. The extended micro USB Android data cable is convenient to use on the bed, but you need to know that the Android data cable will affect the charging speed if the quality of the data cable is not changed. The longer the data cable is, the longer the data cable is. If the internal core does not change, the longer the wire, the greater the resistance through the conductor. The key is the conductor core. It is not possible to transmit data if the normal extended micro USB Android data cable can only be charged. Unless specifically customized lengthened data lines. The impact of lengthening the charging speed of the micro USB data cable is mainly based on the use of the wire. The lengthened data line cannot reach the charging speed of 2A. Only the conductor core is bold, and the resistance of the current through the conductor will be reduced. This lengthens the micro USB Android. The data line can only be customized in the data line factory. Because there are few sellers in the market, it is only necessary to customize the data line factory to customize the data line.

Extended micro USB Android data cable Why charge slowly

    Although lengthening the data line can make it easier for us to lie on the bed, we still have to pay attention to the rest while playing the mobile phone, otherwise you will be under the next myopia. You should pay attention to children at home.

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