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Fast charging charger to charge ordinary mobile phone faster?
Apr 03, 2018

In reality, there are many other factors that determine the power consumption of mobile phones, such as signal strength, positioning switches, and the number of background programs. Even the ambient temperature will affect the power consumption. Therefore, although fast charging is indeed higher than the conversion rate of standard charging. , but this high degree is only relative.

 Fast charging charger to charge ordinary mobile phone faster?

Let's talk about fast charging technology. There are two types of fast charging technology that can really be called technology. One is flash flash technology, and the other is Qualcomm's QuickCharge 2.0 technology. Both technologies require chargers and mobile phone hardware. Only when combined can it be achieved. If one is missing, the effect will be affected.


Let us first talk about flash charging technology. One is the segmented charge current control and the other is a multi-line setup of the charging cable and battery. In simple terms, in fact, when the battery power of a mobile phone is low, a large current is used to charge the battery. As the charging voltage increases, the charging current decreases gradually. This is called a so-called segmented charging current control.


In addition, the flash charging cable line is expanded from the ordinary 4-pin or 5-pin to 7-pin, mainly to solve the problem of large current consumption in the transmission line is too large, the battery contact is also increased accordingly, and take A certain measure of the current sharing is also to solve the battery heating problem under high current.


Its biggest advantage is that the battery is also adjusted accordingly, which can reduce the heating of the battery and the entire system. The second advantage is reliability design. However, this is not a key technology. We will not elaborate on this again. The third is fast, especially in the middle and late period, flash charge is really the fastest.


But it is not perfect to have no shortcomings, on the contrary, flash charge has a fatal shortcoming is that it and other Android phone charging compatibility issues, its adapter, charging cable, battery, mobile phone side circuit are their own technology, leading to This technique is difficult

To promote.


It may also affect the experience of your own mobile phone users, because the essence of flash charge is concentrated in the charger, so once you forget to bring the charger out, then the charging efficiency will be greatly reduced, and this situation is still very easy to happen . Conversely, if you use flash charger to charge other mobile phones, because the mobile phone does not have the appropriate adapter, so the charging effect is just the same as high-current charging, the effect will not have a good flash charger.


Recall that Qualcomm's Quick Charge 2.0 technology, the core technology is to reduce the charging current by increasing the charging voltage, thereby reducing the power consumption on the charging line, there will be a corresponding step-down circuit in the mobile phone side, the circuit will be high voltage low The flow changes to low pressure and high flow. Therefore, Flash Charge is essentially the same as Quick Charge 2.0, which provides a large charging current to the cell phone battery at the beginning of the cell, and gradually reduces the charge current as the cell voltage increases.


In terms of advantages and disadvantages, the biggest advantage of Quick Charge 2.0 is that its technology compatibility and inheritance are relatively good. Its external interface adopts a universal USB standard and does not require a dedicated cable. However, Quick Charge 2.0 uses Quick Charge for mobile phones without quick charging. 2.0 charger is charged in the usual way.


Its disadvantage is that the side of the mobile phone has a relatively large fever relative to the flash charger and the charging speed is slightly slower. From a purely technical point of view, flash charging is actually better than Quick Charge 2.0, because it has made corresponding adjustments to all aspects of charging, but if you want to be popular, simply looking at the technology itself is unrealistic.


From a development point of view, Quick Charge 2.0 is more suitable for popularization due to the properties of integrated chips, and many high-end models have already adopted this technology, which has basically formed an ecological environment. The driving force of giants will Great effect.


In short: fast charging source because of the output of high current, even ordinary mode when charging ordinary mobile phones will be faster than conventional chargers, but the charging efficiency must not be able to achieve the effect of mobile phones that are compatible with fast charging technology.

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