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Five core functions of the power adapter
Sep 20, 2018

    Power adapters are widely used in residential life. From the regulators of the 80s to the chargers of laptops today, they can be called power adapters. With the development of technology, the power adapters are getting smaller and smaller. The functions that can be provided have not changed. Here are the five core functions that the power adapter can implement.

    Before the introduction, it is necessary to clarify the principle of the power adapter. It is not much different from the switching power supply. It is mainly used to adjust the input and output voltage and filter to remove impurities. I will also make a brief introduction to everyone through the notebook power adapter. Function Description,

    The first is to adjust the input and output voltage, the laptop's power adapter can be used for the voltage range of 100V-240V, that is, no matter where you are, the notebook can be plug and play, no power converter is needed;

    Second, the output voltage is in accordance with the requirements of notebook size and capacity. Generally, it will choose several amps to tens of amps, but the specifications are still larger according to the screen.

    The third is to protect the computer components. If there is no power adapter, the notebook will be directly inserted into the socket and will burn out the original and the battery. The main reason is the load and other problems, and the power adapter is the current required to control the current in the notebook. Within the load, ensure that it does not pose a safety hazard due to the power load during normal use;

    Fourth, it can protect the battery, which divides and regulates the input voltage, filters the impurities and clutter in the current, and gives the battery a stable voltage power. It can also carry down the problem of sudden power failure of the battery voltage. Further guarantees the battery life. During use, the power adapter will also deliver current to the unit for use and battery charging by default. When the battery is fully charged, it will send a signal to the adapter through the charging current control device, thus forming a power failure, which is one of the functions of its power adapter;

    Fifth, the power adapter can also help the notebook to cool down. It will not cause a safety accident caused by sudden power failure or other problems. The current provided by the voltage regulator can be more convenient for the notebook computer.

    These five functions are all implemented by the power adapter. If the power is directly input only through the power supply, the laptop cannot be used normally.

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