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How does the mobile data line factory process the production data line?
May 18, 2018

     The processing of finished mobile phone data lines in the factory requires a lot of processes and processes, and each process is very important, because the whole process from start to finish interrelated, are indispensable. Therefore, a good product, process production management requirements are very strict, and the selection of raw materials is also very important, only the selection of good materials, of course, the cost is relatively expensive, standardized and precise USB data line factory production process, the data made The line quality is very good and the service life is very long. This is why the same products are cheap and expensive. The reason why many data lines are cheap is because the production process is simple and the materials used are also very cheap. This way, the data lines that are made will certainly be very easy to be bad.

     In fact, the entire process may seem simple, but in reality it is not so easy. To do it well, you must be careful, and follow the correct operating practices step by step in order to make a quality data line product.

1. The first step is to cut the line. The efficiency of the factory's production is highly efficient. Therefore, we have created a high-tech data line. The factory cut line is an automatic wire cutting machine with a peeled skin for automatic cutting.

2. The second step is skinning. It should be noted that this peeling is to peel the endothelium, not to peel the skin. We have created a semi-automatic and fully automatic peeling machine for high-tech data line manufacturers.

3. The third step is to solder the USB A male plug. The deep Hi-Tech data line factory uses the artificial fixed Luo iron to weld the USB plug.

4. The fourth step is to form the USB A inner film and the connector inner film. (Using TPE material is generally one-time molding) to form the inner film of the USB connector. It is safer and more stable to contact, no wire breakage, no thread breakage. easily damaged.

5, the fifth step is to mold the outer mold or shell. Form the outer mold of the USB outer mold and plug, or install the shell.

6, the sixth step is product testing, finished products to be tested, to achieve the standard range even if the good product, the test can also be a good filter out of unqualified products.

7, the seventh step is to check the appearance, to see if the appearance of defects and other undesirable products, found that timely pick out.

8, the eighth step is the cable, the usb data line into a coil, and then tied with a tie or Velcro tie the coil tie.

9, the ninth step is the packaging and packing, do a good job after the finished product inspection qualified can be packaged, the packaged usb data cable in accordance with the provisions of the number of uniform into a big box waiting for delivery.

    The above process flow is only a data line product processing process, but according to the different data line design, the process flow to be processed is not the same, there are complex, simple, in general the above processes are all usb Data line product processing must have.

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