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How E-commerce Data Lines Break Through
May 02, 2018

   With the popularity of smart machines, people's accessories around mobile phones have also changed from mobile phone accessory industries to rigid market demand industries. Consumers have also started to pay attention to brands and products in the 3C digital industry. Better products, from the previous 9.9 to the present 29 or even higher, fully reflect the current consumer consumer shift in the mobile phone data line industry, then, how to break from the numerous data line brands become many businesses to Faced with the problems, especially in today's e-commerce market, what should we do?

  First, the business's own configuration, goals and implementation

  This is undoubtedly, all the achievements are the need for the team to make concerted efforts to accumulate little by little. We have witnessed and served many e-commerce data line brands from small to large and strong, along the way, deeply feel the team the power of.

  Second, product and product focus

  Some brands have a comprehensive product layout and a wide range of distribution. However, there are also many brands that start from small categories and devote all their energy. For example, the E-commerce First Guard Brand is investing 100% of energy in the denim data line. From focusing on and paying attention to our R&D to production and quality control, we strive to achieve the best in every aspect of the product. Strong breakthrough to success.

  Focusing on this product, in addition to focusing on product quality, we will also focus more on solving users' pain points. For example, we have launched the Longneto series of products, adopt different internal and external die hardness design, greatly enhance the product's performance and service life, and solve In the past, the pain points of the data lines were easily broken. This type of product has more explosive potential.

Product Highlights - Focus on User Needs Pain Point

  When it comes to product focus, we will also focus on user usage scenarios. With the rise of smart phone games, more and more young people need to charge while playing games. The structure of traditional data lines does not meet the needs of users, so we have taken the lead in R&D. The 90-degree two-color molding series for this emerging usage scenario of mobile games has introduced a variety of products with different characteristics to meet market demands.

Product Focus - Focus on user-specific usage scenarios

  Third, market positioning

  Just as the positioning of the clothing stalls is different from that of the Kaixiaomen shop and the specialty stores, the market positioning of the e-commerce data line is also very important. With the maturity and improvement of artificial intelligence and platform technology, the more accurate positioning, the easier it will be to achieve success. Many brands also began to design their own models, in addition to a clear determination of product positioning, the more important thing is that they can meet more precise needs through their own design, to achieve the target product positioning.

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