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How is the mobile data cable dirty?
Apr 24, 2018

There are various types of mobile data lines, white, black, red, and so on. However, all kinds of colors, and these colorful mobile phone data lines are easy to dirty, compared to the traditional black is more dirty, say white, the most likely to be dirty, not a small drop on the ground will be stained with dust , Then how is the mobile data cable dirty? Is it washed with water? This method is wrong, because if washed, the plugs on both ends of the data cable of the mobile phone are easy to rust, so they cannot be washed.

The correct way of handling:

1, white vinegar: with cotton drops of white vinegar, wipe along the ear lines and data lines, this taste is a bit heavy, and finally wipe the water with cotton to taste. (It is best not to wash the interface)

2, laundry soap: Come back and cut a small piece of melted with warm water, and then use a small amount of cotton cloth to wipe the ear line and data lines, and then dry with a dry towel. (Of course, detergent, shower gel, etc. can be, not one by one example, the interface can not be cleaned Oh)

3. Toothpaste: Extrude a bit of toothpaste and mix a small amount of water. Then wipe a small amount with a cotton cloth and wipe it dry with a dry towel. (this wash is still a little fragrance, the interface can not be cleaned)

4, eraser: This will not explain more, the effect is not bad. (This interface cannot be wiped)

5. Alcohol: Use cotton to drip alcohol, wipe along the ear line and data line, and finally dry naturally. (This can clean the interface. Disadvantage: Alcohol tends to age the wire, but it doesn't affect it much.)

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