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How to make the data line customization process go faster without delay
Apr 10, 2018

Now more and more popular custom products, especially gifts, people like to customize exclusive things, most of them are customized to customize some greetings, companies like to customize some LOGO up, or some slogans go up, recently in our shitec electronic There are a lot of people looking for customized data lines. Generally, they are required to print the customer company's trademark or LOGO on the data line. However, some data line customization is not very clear, how to go to order or how to take the process is not very clear, and delays period.

In fact, these can be avoided. Custom data lines are not so complicated. Just clear a few basic points and you can clearly customize the data lines. First of all, to confirm the data line specifications and parameters: wire specifications ,length,color, plug specifications color, shell specifications , color, rubber specifications,color, strap, LOGO, winding size, packaging, packaging material specifications, and other requirements. There are also minimum MOQ requirements, delivery payments and other transaction requirements.

To figure out the specific parameters and requirements of the above aspects, then the data line customization is very simple.

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