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How to use USB OTG function of Win10 mobile phone version?
Apr 02, 2018

Win10 mobile version USB OTG function how to use? The following small series for everyone to enjoy the Win10 mobile version of the USB OTG function demonstration video, is not too clear Win10 mobile phone version of the USB OTG function how to use a friend, together with Xiao Bian to see it.

We know that the Win10 mobile phone system will support the USB OTG function in the new Windows Phone mobile phone. At the Build conference, Microsoft demonstrated the Windows 10 mobile phone version through an unreleased tablet phone. Of course, the phone contains the necessary USB host. hardware.

In the video, Microsoft demonstrated reading the USB drive through the WP phone and controlling the Arduino device through the USB port.

Unfortunately, this new feature requires new hardware to support it, but the good news is that our WP phone is finally adding new practical skills.

Win10 Mobile USB OTG function demonstration:

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