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Industrial power supply maintenance problem
Sep 20, 2018

      First, there are many respirable particles in the air: most of the raw materials in the factory need to be processed by powder, and the external air flow is large and the dust is much. The industrial control machine is easy to accumulate a large amount of sticky dust, which causes local parts in the industrial computer. The temperature is too high for hardware damage. This situation occurs mostly around the cooling fan such as the CPU, power supply, hard disk, and graphics card. Where dust is light, regular dust blowing can be used if normal production permits. Where dust is more serious, filter gauze can be placed in the air-permeable part of the industrial control cabinet, and regular cleaning is required.


      Second, the power supply voltage fluctuations, easy to power off: industrial development and improvement of living standards, the demand for electricity is also increasing, some relatively remote areas are prone to power shortages, voltage instability. The industrial control system is often restarted, and the important log files of the system are easily lost and cannot be started normally. Therefore, the stability of the power supply of the industrial computer working environment is related to whether the industrial computer works normally or not. It is necessary to use a regulated power supply and a UPS uninterruptible power supply for protection. The specific equipment selection depends on the load power and the amount of working time required.


      Third, the environmental humidity is not suitable: the industrial computer is composed of many electronic components of the integrated circuit, its insulation performance has a great relationship with the environmental humidity. If the humidity is too large, it will easily cause the circuit board to be short-circuited and burned; if the humidity is too small, it will easily generate static electricity and will also break through some electronic components. Therefore, if the humidity is too large or too small, it will pose a potential threat to the industrial computer. Electrostatic protection requires that we must have a good instrument grounding on the industrial computer.


      Fourth, the ground is shocky: many factories need to produce mechanical displacement actions such as drag and vibration, which not only bring huge noise, but also bring vibration to the industrial computer disk, CD-ROM drive and floppy drive. damage. The process of disk production is getting higher and higher. In the large amount of data exchange in the automatic control system, the long-term, high-speed operation of the disk is prone to disk vibration, resulting in decreased disk read and write capability, slow head positioning, and even disk damage; thus reducing the environmental shock of the industrial computer, which is beneficial to Protect the disk.

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