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Inferior type-c data lines can harm mobile phones. How do you avoid them?
May 09, 2018

    In the past two years, many new-brand smart phones have adopted the type-c data cable because charging speed and data transmission speed are super fast, which increases the space greatly compared with the previous data lines. Therefore, everyone loves it. Although the type-c data cable is so easy to use, but in the absence of a unified specification, the market is filled with a variety of different specifications but the appearance of the same data line, which gives those inferior type -c data line a hole in the survival, purchase and prolonged use of inferior type-c data cable will cause harm to the phone, data cable manufacturers tell you how to avoid it?

      Harmful reasons for using inferior type-c data lines

      Presumably we all know that the data line is a vulnerable item. After the type-c data line that we use is broken, many small partners will buy it on the Internet or on the roadside stalls. It is very easy to buy inferior products. The data cable will also cause serious harm to the phone. Let's talk briefly about it.

     One of the important features of Type-C is that it can provide up to 3A of charge current, which is the standard that most inexpensive Type-C cannot reach, and charging current is not very dangerous if it is not up to standard. Because some traditional equipment may not be able to adjust it to a suitable current for charging.

     For example, when the USB-C cable is connected to the device via a USB 2.0-to-USB-C adapter, the data cable should provide a 56kΩ pull-up resistor, allowing the device to correctly identify the connected charging device as a legacy device. This regulates the charge current to the 1.5A or 2.4A current that the device can accept. However, if an unqualified USB-C cable is used for charging, the lack of a resistor may cause a current that exceeds the device load to flow in, and the device cannot reduce the current to an acceptable range. This may result in damage to the device. , and even lead to greater security risks. If you use a bad type-c data cable for a long time, it is very likely that you will burn your phone while charging.

 Harmful reasons for using inferior type-c data lines

     Avoid ways to buy poor quality type-c data lines

     Therefore, my suggestion is that if you are afraid of buying a bad type-c data cable, it is better to buy Type-C data cable from a reputable big brand. It is also a good choice to purchase original data cable from mobile phone manufacturers. The type-c data line of the schitec data line manufacturer, whether it is customized, or the wholesale demand is large, the price is very cheap, and the quality is also very good. If you can't find a good type-c data cable manufacturer, choose our schitec data factory.

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