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Iphone Lightning to USB cable
Oct 12, 2017

Iphone Lightning to USB cable

Lightning to USB cable is Apple's iPhone 5 with the release of the new data cable for iPad 4, iPad mini, iPhone 5 and so on.

Basic parameters

Accessory Type: Link

Applicable models: Apple iPad 4, iPad mini

Accessories performance:

Use the Lightning to USB cable to charge an iPhone, iPad, or iPod with a Lightning interface and synchronize it with a Mac or Windows PC

Other features:

This USB 2.0 cable allows you to connect your iPhone, iPad, or iPod to your computer's USB port using the Lightning interface for simultaneous and charging, or to connect to an Apple USB power adapter for easy charging through a wall outlet


1. reduce the volume

Lighting on both sides of the pros and cons have eight contacts, each function of the contacts are defined by the digital chip, greatly reducing the bottom of the space. Apple officially announced the new interface to reduce the volume of 80%.

2. Positive and negative sides are all common use

Regardless of positive and negative, so you can facilitate the user. Before the 30-pin interface is very difficult to distinguish between positive and negative, insert the time if the direction is not easy to cause physical damage to the entire card slot. This setting is believed that all Apple users will welcome both hands. [2]

3.Easy to clean

Xinjiekou contact next to a small groove, the curvature of the relatively low. At the same time the application of new materials to make the interface easy to keep clean, because the new interface in the plug when the internal needs of a shrapnel sliding contact, so the cleaning side than the previous 30-pin interface has an advantage. I believe that with the iPhone 4S students have had dirty interface experience it ,


1. more than iPhone 5 users reflect, Lightning interface plug is not smooth, and not before the 30pin interface easy to use. Everything else is testing Apple's new standards.

2. Lightning interface, there is a drawback is not support the analog signal audio output, Lightning interface only supports digital signal output, so the speaker manufacturers to launch specifically support iPhone 5 or new iPod speakers, then you must also fully use the digital signal, or must In the speaker to integrate a "digital-to-analog converter"

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