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Is car charger safe?
Mar 26, 2018

Some people may have doubts about the load capacity of the cigarette lighter interface, but don't worry about it.In general, the fuse of cigarette lighter interface is above 10A, which is larger than the load capacity of 20A.The power supply voltage of the vehicle is 12V/24V, so the load capacity of the cigarette lighter interface is basically above 120W, and it is not necessary to worry about the car charging of 5V output voltage.

Even if some brands offer multiple car chargers for the convenience of users, they are fully qualified.The three-port USB car charger is loaded with current up to 5.8A, 5*5.8=29w, and  far less than 120 w.When designing the car charger, the brand manufacturer usually sets overload protection, short circuit protection, overcurrent protection and over-temperature protection for the car charger, so as to ensure user's safety during charging.

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