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Is the data line charging faster?
May 25, 2018

      Theoretically speaking, if the data line material is the same, in the same use environment, the shorter the data line, the faster the charging speed, because the shorter the length, the smaller the resistance; the contrary, the longer the data line, The greater the resistance, the slower the charging speed. However, people do not need to compete to buy short data lines, because according to the experiments of related parties, the length of the data line can affect the charging speed, but this difference is not great; friends pay attention to charging speed, when the data line is purchased, the connector , wire material and other factors should also be considered as one of.

The length of the data line can affect the charging speed.

      Regarding the length of the data line, the manufacturer is not only considering charging transmission speed but also making it more convenient for users to use it on different occasions. For example, we use the most popular 1m specifications, which can basically meet our daily needs; if we need to charge the charging treasure or laptop connection, the 0.2-0.5m short line seems to be more portable and easy to use; also 2m or more The extra length can be used for driving, bedroom and long-distance charging.

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