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Maxim's launches a complete solution for wireless charging and LED desk lamps
Jul 02, 2018

    Driven by the mobile phone market, there are also many products in the smart home, smart wear and other markets that have joined the wireless charging function. The application area of wireless charging presents a diversified development trend. The appliances and other items in our daily life are combined with the technology of wireless charging. The situation will become more and more common. For example at this year's Guangzhou International Lighting Fair in June this year, MAXIC core technology has demonstrated the support for mobile phone wireless charging table lamp. Rechargeable Head Network understands that it is still the first domestic manufacturer in the country to have a full set of solutions for wireless charging and LED desk lamps.

Mica wireless charging desk lamp adopts MT5603 wireless charging Tx solution

We have learned that, over the past few years, Maxim Technology has realized the products and industrialization of core technology achievements, and accumulated a large number of AC-DC, DC-DC and other power management chip technologies and experiences in the field of LED general lighting; meanwhile, in intelligent lighting The field has mastered the control and system design techniques for the MCU. In 2016, MCC relied on years of deep plowing in the field of analog power supplies, carried a strong accumulation of technology, and focused on expanding another new field of 100 billion yuan, and set up a wireless charging chip and solution development division.

The core cordless charging desk lamp base integrates the wireless charging function. The Qi standard compatible mobile phone can be used for charging, such as the iPhone 8/X. As for the wireless charging part, it is equipped with the MT5603 wireless charging Tx transmission scheme.

US core wireless charging transmitter program MT5603

At the wireless charging transmitter, MMC developed a highly flexible solution based on WPC's latest standard 1.2.4. The powerful and flexible wireless charging sender controller supports all WPC-defined BPP and EPP types, including multi-coil and fixed-frequency types.

A unique and powerful multimode demodulation scheme enables reliable ASK communication. Supports BC 1.2 and QC 2.0/3.0 protocols and supports standard and proprietary wireless fast charging protocols. Unique overcurrent protection, overvoltage protection and undervoltage protection schemes ensure reliable operation under all conditions. Balanced system cost and functionality/performance.

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