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Metal car charger and plastic car charger which is better?
Apr 03, 2018

   As we all know, most cars now have car cigarette lighter sockets, and some cars also come with a USB charging port, but some have an output current of only 500 mA. It is totally unsatisfactory to charge the mobile phone in the car. At this time, it is necessary to use a car charger.

  Metal car charger and plastic car charger which is better?

  About car charger with metal housing and plastic housing car charger which is better? In general, the car charger shell is nothing more than the distinction between metal and non-metal, metal car charger is generally aluminum alloy, the appearance of good-looking, but the process is not easy to leak electricity, non-metallic materials are generally high temperature and environmental protection, the appearance is relatively poor, But insulation. In fact, the shell has no substantial effect on the use of the function. No matter what the material is, the car's housing must meet the requirements of flame retardancy. If the internal components of the car charger are short-circuited or other faults, they can be blocked inside the product.

Metal car charger and plastic car charger which is better?

  Metal car charger is completely flame-retardant, rather than the metal car charger on the relatively worrying, generally non-metallic shell with high temperature flame retardant ABS engineering plastics and ordinary plastic. According to the test, the positive and negative poles of the car charger are short-circuited, and the temperature can reach up to 95 degrees Celsius, and the plastic can be directly melted away. ASB engineering plastics have good electrical insulation and are virtually immune to temperature, humidity, and frequency, as well as excellent impact resistance. The surface of the full metal car charger looks good, but because of the difference in car cigarette lighter, plug in some models of cigarette lighter, it may be because the metal shell conductive, causing the cigarette lighter short circuit and burn the car Insurance.

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