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Method of prolonging the life of USB cable
Jan 15, 2018

Method of prolonging the life of USB cable


Method One: 

Try not to let the USB cable curl. Many users like to use the USB cable after the cable to curl up to store, in fact, this is wrong. The USB connector is made of plastic and aluminum foil shielding layer, can not stand the long curved volume, a long time warp will cause the USB connector outside the plastic layer or internal foil shielding layer damage, reduce the service life of the cable.

Method Two: 

Moistureproof dustproof. The connectors have small pins, metal products, and are easily oxidized by water and dust. Improper maintenance, it is easy to let water and dust into the cable inside, resulting in a USB connector is not working properly, download speed naturally slow.

Method Three: 

Insert the interface should pay attention to the correct and corresponding pins. USB cable has two interfaces, one is to connect the computer, one is connected to the mobile phone, and they are the interface of the PIN is different, and the pin is very thin, easy to break, in the interface must be very small inserted, or pin a broken, USB cable is useless.

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