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Mini USB Data Cable Technical parameters
Sep 26, 2017

1. Interface type: USB2.0/miniusb.

2. Plug pin before the gilded 1u/2u/3u, after tin plating, iron shell Nickel, salt spray test 24/48/60 hour test.

3. The use of UL2725 standard cable. Optional GB Rohs/reach 6P Upgrade Version 16p/ul

4. Green-white twisted-pair signal using high foam PE, red-black cored wire using high-purity oxygen-free copper wire.

5. The use of aluminum foil shielding treatment, plus high density braiding shielding, improve the signal transmission speed and attenuation.

6. The wire is used for environmental protection PVC insulation, insulation thickness of 0.1-0.5mm.

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