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Mobile power bank characteristics
Oct 20, 2017

Mobile power bank characteristics

Mobility, versatility, process.

Mobility of mobile power bank means that the product can function in the mobile state (eg, travel, meeting, charger is not around or inconvenient to charge), that is anywhere, anytime to the digital product power supply or charge, the real sense of giving a sense of reality, so that the quality of life and work can be improved.

The versatility of mobile power bank is the ability to fit the maximum range of digital products. Mobile phones can be mobile phones, MP3, MP4, PDA, game consoles (PSP, etc.), Bluetooth headset, digital cameras, CD players, video machines, digital cameras, portable DVD, laptop computers and other digital products and services. However, for the use of higher voltage related digital products, such as portable and the like, you need to configure the output voltage of the higher mobile power bank, which is proportional to the actual capacity of the mobile power bank itself. In fact, not only that, mobile power bank can be used through the usb cable in any USB On-the-Go (USB-OTG) portable devices (usb lights, usb eye massager, usb electric coffee pot, etc.) As the most convenient power supply for mobile.


1, built-in lithium polymer batteries high capacity.

2, lithium battery mobile power bank technology mature cost-effective high-quality manufacturers of lithium battery safety and security (more for laptop batteries, etc.)

3, body fine fashion.

4, you can simultaneously charge for multiple mobile phones or digital devices.

5, with a power indicator.

6, multi-USB output, multi-current selection

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