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Power adapter and switching power supply details
Sep 17, 2018

Power adapters are different from switching power supplies. Their specifications, shape, accuracy, performance, and other parameters are different, and their applications are different. The power adapter is mainly suitable for small appliances and electronics, and the switching power supply is a switching current device that controls the entire switch, and is suitable for all electronic devices. The following small series focuses on the characteristics and differences between the power adapter and the switching power supply.


Power adapter and switching power supply characteristics


Switching power supply features:


It is to use a circuit to control the switching tube for high-speed switching and cut-off, and convert the direct current into high-frequency alternating current to supply transformers for voltage transformation, thereby generating one or more sets of voltages required. The reason for the conversion to high-frequency AC is that the efficiency of high-frequency AC in the transformer transformer circuit is much higher than that of 50HZ, so the switching transformer can be made very small, and it is not very hot during operation, the cost is very low, if 50HZ is not changed It doesn't make sense for a high-frequency switching power supply.


Power adapter features:


Power adapter manufacturers produce power converters (both AC to DC), most of which are converted from AC to DC, and then through the computer, it can not protect the computer, but there is a storage device (also called charger) in the computer, so Protect your computer during a power outage.


Both the switching power supply and the adapter are switching power supplies, which are composed of a high frequency switching tube and its control circuit. The adapter power supply is a regulated switching power supply, and the switching power supply charger has a floating charging function. The voltage becomes larger as the current becomes smaller, and finally there is only voltage and no current.

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