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Precautions when using the power adapter
Mar 27, 2018

The power adapter, also called external power supply, is a power supply voltage conversion device for small portable electronic devices and electronic appliances. It is commonly used in small electronic products such as mobile phones, liquid crystal displays, and notebook computers. With the increase of environmental awareness, we need to charge in many places in our lives: the mobile phone must be charged and the car must be charged. If it is not used correctly, it may lead to accidents. Here are some considerations for the use of power adapters by the technical personnel of Shenzhen Science and Technology Corporation:

1.static electricity when cleaning

Clean the power adapter and charging connector regularly. When cleaning, use a damp cloth or an antistatic cloth. Do not use a dry cloth!

2.waterproof and moisture

As an electronic product, ingress of water or exposure to moist air during periods of inactivity can cause corrosion or oxidation of the electronic components inside.

3.drop shock

   The power adapter is actually a fragile component, and the internal components cannot withstand the beat. In particular, to prevent falling during use, do not throw, beat or vibrate the power adapter. Rough handling of the power adapter can damage the internal circuit board.

4.cold and heat

   Do not place the power adapter in an over-temperatured place. High temperatures can shorten the life of the electronic device, destroy the power adapter, deform or melt some plastic parts, and do not store the power adapter in an extremely cold place when the power adapter is undercooled. When the environment is working, when the internal temperature rises, moisture will form inside the power adapter and damage the circuit board.

5.Anti-violence chemicals

Do not clean the power adapter with strong chemicals, cleaning agents, or strong detergents. Remove the appearance of the power adapter stains can use a small amount of alcohol to wipe with a small amount of alcohol.

Conclusion: The above is the need to pay attention to the use of power adapters, hope to do enough to help everyone

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