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Principle of DC linear power supply
Sep 27, 2018

    Rectification is the process of converting AC power into DC power. The circuit that completes the rectification process is called a rectifier circuit. There are many types of rectifier circuits, which can be divided into half-wave rectification and full-wave rectification according to the relationship between the rectified output waveform and the input waveform. According to the controllability classification of the devices used in the rectifier circuit, it can be divided into uncontrollable rectification, semi-controlled rectification and full controllable rectification.

    The principle of DC linear power supply: linear power supply mainly includes power frequency transformer, output rectifier filter, control circuit, protection circuit and so on. The linear power supply first converts the alternating current through the transformer, and then rectifies and filters through the rectifier circuit to obtain an unsteady DC voltage. To achieve high-precision DC voltage, the output voltage must be adjusted by voltage feedback. This power supply technology is very mature and can reach very much. High stability, low ripple, and no interference and noise from the switching power supply. However, its shortcoming is that it requires a large and bulky transformer. The required filter capacitor has a large volume and weight, and the voltage feedback circuit works in a linear state. There is a certain voltage drop on the regulating tube, and a large operating current is output. At this time, the power consumption of the adjustment tube is too large, the conversion efficiency is low, and a large heat sink is also installed. This kind of power supply is not suitable for the needs of computers and other devices, and will be gradually replaced by switching power supplies.

    The DC linear power device works in a linear state, which means that the power device is always working when it is used, so it leads to his low efficiency, generally 50%~60%. It is also said that he is very good. Linear power supply. The working mode of the DC linear power supply makes him have a pressure device from high voltage to low voltage. Generally, it is a transformer, suitable for use with analog circuits, various types of amplifiers, etc.

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