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Reasons for slow data transmission
Apr 24, 2018

With the progress of society, people’s demands for consumption are getting higher and higher. Whether they are eating, using, or playing are very picky, there is a very distinctive feature that is “fast” and the time is shorter. Well, basically every adult in a mobile phone has at least one. When a cell phone is charging and transferring files, people are usually very anxious. They want to hurry up. If you pass a file, it takes half an hour or more. That's why it's a headache. Why is it so slow? The following are the reasons for the analysis of the reasons given by the engineering consultants of the data line factory:

First, the speed of data line transmission also has a certain relationship with the mobile phone storage device. When the mobile phone memory capacity reaches saturation, the transmission rate will be greatly reduced. If you want to download important files, it is best to release the phone's memory first. So as not to delay your precious time.

Data line

Second, the data speed of the data transmission line of the mobile phone is related to the length of the data line. Under the condition of the same data, the shorter the data line is, the faster the data transmission is. Charging speed is also fast.

Third, there is no relationship with the thickness of the data line, but with the copper wire inside. The thicker the copper wire is, the faster the data is spread. If the inside is a wire or copper clad steel, it will affect the data transmission function!

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