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Remember to unplug the charger when the phone is fully charged
Apr 11, 2018

Many of my friends have a bad bad habit. After the phone is fully charged, only the phone is simply unplugged, and the charger still stays in the plug and is always in a state of being charged, that is, it is ready for use when the charger is not in use. It is best to unplug it, otherwise it will cost electricity and there may be security risks.

Because when the charger is still connected to the socket or the terminal board in the non-charged state, the internal circuit board is powered, that is, it is still working, in this working condition will consume a certain amount of power, causing Waste of resources.

In addition, a long time without the charger, it is easy to heat aging, and thus lay a certain security risk. At the same time, most chargers have long connection lines. If you do not do a good job of arranging and storing the connection lines, it is very likely that accidents such as short circuit or electric leakage may occur in daily life due to water and stampede.

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