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The advantage of usb 3.1 data lines
Oct 27, 2017

The advantage of usb 3.1 data cable

  • Let the phone charge faster

     As the power supply standard to 20V / 5A, 100W power, USB 3.1 can greatly enhance the equipment charging speed, but also for notebooks, projectors and even television and other higher-power equipment power supply, which is why Apple's new MacBook only Need to build a USB Type C, can achieve power supply, transmission needs.

  • Higher data transfer speed

    Because USB 3.1 support up to 10Gbps transfer rate, will greatly enhance the transmission speed of mobile phones, which for mobile phone development is very favorable. For example, more and more mobile phones began to support 4K video capture, video files more massive, faster data transfer speed is necessary.

  • Supports display output

     At present, HDMI is the TV, display products commonly used in the interface standard, although with a mini version, but few mobile phones specifically equipped with the interface, because it will lead to increased costs, volume increases. And because USB 3.1 support display output, it is more suitable as a mobile device output interface, especially the reversible Type-C.

  • Versatility

     Obviously, a universal universal interface, is the mobile phone, flat and other small equipment required, can greatly enhance the connectivity of the device. And from the current point of view, USB 3.1 in the Type-C is most likely to become the future connection standards, providing data transmission, peripheral connections, display output and other integrated connection program.

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