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The advantages and disadvantages of data lines
Apr 04, 2018

  From the physical form of the interface, today's phones have Apple's Lightning interface, USB Type-C interface, and Micro USB. Let's talk about Apple's Lightning interface.

Lightning data cable and MFi certification

The Lightning interface was independently developed by Apple. It is basically used only for Apple iOS devices. Its data lines are also unique. Apple's official Lightning cable is priced at as much as 149 yuan at 1 meter and 2 meters at 228 yuan!

      The price is only one aspect. On the other hand, because the official Lightning cable has a relatively thin core and there is no reinforcement treatment at the joints, the durability is normal, and organic users often complain that it has been broken in a short time. This also leaves many users choosing to purchase third-party Lightning data lines.

     But in fact, Apple's original Lightning data cable has a micro-control chip built in, which contains Apple's authentication protocol. Apple uses this chip to strictly control charging current and data synchronization functions. Due to the high cost of this chip, it also led to the high price of Apple's official data line. And many inexpensive third-party Lightning data lines do not have this chip built in, so quality is not guaranteed.


       This micro-chip is familiar with the MFi certification, only MFi certified three-way Lightning data line to ensure that it works on iOS devices. While the MFi-certified Lightning data cable can be used, there may be a lack of functionality, such as the inability to sync data with iTunes or limited charging current. Some poor quality may even burn the device!

       Recommend to buy some big brands of third-party Lightning data lines, all of which are MFi certified

Micro USB data cable

     In the past few years, almost all of the Micro USB data lines of Android phones are universal. However, with the rapid popularity of fast charging, Micro USB data lines have begun to pay attention in recent years. Old-fashioned Micro USB data lines that cannot withstand 2A are phased out.

USB Type-C data cable standard is not the same

    The USB Type-C data cable has an inherent advantage in many aspects compared to the old-fashioned Micro USB data cable. However, it is precisely because the USB Type-C interface has added a large number of new features. As a result, many of the USB Type-C data cables that were initially released have not yet fully met the USB Type-C interface standard. Even the official data cables of many brands are also "Failed."

   One of the criteria for the USB Type-C data line purchase is whether it can withstand high currents above 3A. With the popularity of Qualcomm QC3.0 and MediaTek PEP 2.0 fast charging standards, the current supporting 3A is particularly important. Because if the data line does not support 3A current, it is very likely that the phone will not be able to charge at full speed.

However, the current of 3A is not the limit of the USB Type-C data line. According to the data of the USB Alliance, the USB Type-C interface can support a maximum current of 5A!

    In addition, for USB Type-C data lines, whether to support USB3.0 rate is also an important measure of quality. Because USB3.0's transmission rate reaches 5Gbps, which is much higher than 480Mbps for USB2.0, it puts forward higher requirements for the quality of data lines and connectors.

     Finally, whether or not to support the USB PD protocol is also a problem that must be said. USB PD is called USB Power Delivery. It is also a new fast charging standard. At the same time it also supports two-way power supply function. The special feature of this USB Type-C data cable is that it has a Type-C interface on both ends. Currently, there are only a few handsets equipped with this data line, including Google's Pixel series and LeTV's Max 2 series. Although less mainstream, the advantage of this data line is that it supports the USB PD protocol and basically has all the functions of the USB interface. 1493885233109042.jpg

      The above mentioned features are all related to the data line of the mobile phone. We can easily find that the seemingly simple data line actually has obvious advantages and disadvantages. It can even be said that the data line is also to be parameterized. And many feature manufacturers have chosen to ignore it. Moreover, from the high selling prices of some data lines, it can be seen that the cost of a good data line is really not low. Hope that after watching the detailed analysis of the professional data line manufacturers, the machine-friends do not want to buy a few dollars to spread the goods, feel free to use it does not matter. It is a good idea to choose a brand that is qualified for quality.

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