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The mobile phone does not support USB3.1 type-c fast charging. Can an ordinary mobile phone data line quickly charge the mobile phone?
May 03, 2018

   Because of the multiple functions of smart phones, the software and hardware of the entire mobile phone consume power. The capacity of the battery is relatively small, and the ordinary data lines are charged slowly and cannot keep up with the use of mobile phones. Now there is USB3.1type-c fast charging data line, and now the smart phone battery capacity has increased, coupled with fast charging USB3.1type-c fast charging data line, mobile phone battery life is also a long time.

     Most common mobile phone data lines are over 2A of current. When charging the mobile phone, turn off the mobile phone's signal, turn on the flight mode, or turn off the charging. In these three cases, although the mobile phone cannot send and receive text messages, access the Internet, and make calls, charging is really fast, because this charging can avoid unnecessary battery usage, thereby improving the charging efficiency of the data line.

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