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The precautions of car charger
Oct 19, 2017

The precautions of car charger

Car Charger Use the car cigarette lighter as a power outlet to charge the phone directly. As the car provides a low voltage, so the car charger only need to have overload protection circuit inside. Car charger socket front design has a fuse, when the current exceeds the overload protection circuit can withstand the range, the fuse immediately fuse, play a protective role. Note: must be in the car when the engine can start charging! On the car charger, there are the following note:


1, do not use the car charger in a humid environment

2, do not put the car charger stored in a humid environment

3, the use of the appropriate temperature of 0-45 ℃

4, away from children

5, to avoid lightning

6, fully charged to pull out the plug in time

Therefore, for security reasons, we must buy a regular brand, buy genuine, poor quality products prone to security risks. There are a variety of car chargers available on the market. If you choose online shopping, be sure to go to the regular website to buy. Such as Schitec.

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