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The precautions of usb travel charger
Oct 18, 2017

The precautions of usb travel charger

With the rapid development of the global economy, more and more people travel abroad, portable electronic products are more and more, such as mobile phones, digital cameras, mp4, GPS, travel chargers, etc., are to use the battery , But these devices are random battery because the battery capacity is low and can not meet the normal use of equipment time, but the advent of travel charger is a good solution to this problem. In the battery for the work of power or standby power supply occasions, and now the charger has a wide range of applications.


1), travel charger in the battery charging process to pay attention to the power supply output voltage must be within the scope of the provisions, or can not achieve the charging function.

2), to keep the charger dry, because rain, moisture and a variety of liquids or moisture are likely to contain minerals that will corrode electronic components and lines.

3), do not put at high temperatures. High temperature will shorten the life of the electronic device, damage the battery and make some plastic aging.

4), in the purchase of travel charger to the best manufacturers to authorized franchise stores (counters) to buy, so you can guarantee the quality of genuine original accessories. Because of the random selection, may make the charger is not the best use of the state, serious and even affect its normal use.


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