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The reason that the voltage and current are too low and the car charger cannot be charged
Mar 31, 2018

Now, almost every new car has been equipped with the original USB interface when it leaves the factory. To be honest, this charging speed is basically slow, so you can't stand it. The charging phone can still be strong, if you charge the tablet, Do not expect to charge more electricity.

The original car has a USB interface best buy a car charger

 In addition, this situation is caused by it? In fact, this is related to the size of the USB interface current, mainly there is a misunderstanding, the general car USB interface is used for data transmission, so the interface current is only 0.5 Around A, the voltage is only 5V, so when charging the phone, there are also reactions, but the charging speed is still relatively slow, if you play while charging the phone, there will be a deficit, sometimes actually just pull the data line to display Insufficient power, this time the heart is broken, so a highly practical car charger is very important.

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