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The speed of a mobile phone without charging is also a point to consider
Jun 07, 2018


     In recent years, everyone went out to play, travel, etc. The lack of mobile phones would be one of the most common problems encountered by the people. However, as for the charging speed, some people charge one day and some charge a few times a day. With such a charging frequency plus various outgoings, you need to use a spare charger. However, when it comes to purchasing a mobile phone charger, do you know how to purchase it to ensure that the charger you buy is reliable and affordable?

There is no electricity on the phone. The speed of charging is also a point to consider.

     What should I pay attention to when buying a mobile phone charger?

      1. The charger has 3C certification. The authenticity of the certification mark can be found on the CNCA website.

      2. Check whether there is a “back” sign behind the charging head, because having this sign means that the charger has two types of insulation;

      3, the smooth insertion and removal, not excessive heat, because the insertion and removal of the charger will be very easy to damage, charging does not exceed 40 °C;

      4, data lines need to pay attention to plugs, wire thickness, the overall work, and then is the third-party data line must be selected brand data lines, quality is more secure.

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